Journal on Dispute Resolution (JODR) endeavours to promote contemporary legal discourse on dispute resolution by including academic and practical contributions. JODR is a platform well-suited for understanding legal framework as well as to explore novel ideas with respect to such frameworks. The Journal seeks to cover contemporary discussions on topics ranging from international arbitration, investment treaties, investor-state resolution and various other methods of dispute resolution including the alternative resolution mechanism. 

The Journal seeks to combine various aspects of dispute resolution, and therefore, invites contributions from experts in the field as well as innovative ideas from academicians and students. The JODR Editorial Board, with the valuable advice of an eminent Board of Advisors, engages with the review process and strives to attain academic distinction.


Editorial Board 2020-21

Editor in Chief:
Muskan Arora

Divyansh Sharma
Mehak Kumar
Sreeja Sengupta
Vishal Habalani

Associate Editors:
Aatmik Jain
Abhinav Gupta
Gursimar Setia
Navya Bhayana
Prateek Joinwal
Pratyush Nigam
Tanya Antony