Volume 1 Issue 2 (2021)

1. Editorial Note

2. Mandatory Pre-Litigation ‘Commercial’ Mediation: Turkey’s Lessons for India

3. Multiple Arbitrations Arising from a Single Agreement: Perhaps Undesirable, but Certainly Lawful?- Critiquing the Gammon Ruling

4. Hang up the Double Hat: Safeguarding Legitimacy in Investment Arbitration

5. International Mediation In Trademark Keying Dispute Resolution

6. Early Neutral Evaluation: A Case For Incorporation As An Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism In India


Volume 1 Issue 1 (2021)

1. Editorial Note

2. Revamping Arbitrator Immunity: A Case for Reconsidering Section 42B of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996

3. To Domesticate Creatures of Contracts: Decrypting the First Draft Of Code Of Conduct For Adjudicators in Investor-State Dispute Settlement

4. Winning the Battle but Losing the War: Challenges to Enforce Investment Arbitral Awards in India

5. Mediation: The New Trump Card in Commercial Dispute Resolution?

6. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Tenancy Disputes –Walking the Tightrope

7. Judiciary’s Role in Settling Challenges to Arbitral Awards: A Case for Vigilance